Green Carnation


At Red Carnation, our actions are guided by our core values. These values are explained to everyone who works for RCH: they define the character of the collection, and are an important part of what makes us special as a company.

These values reflect what is really important and matters to us, both as a company and as a group of individuals. They are the solid foundation and main principles of our company culture. By consistently working hard to maintain these values, we preserve our distinct identity.

As a customer, you’ll appreciate that the quality of service we provide, and of the environment in which we deliver it, is central to our objectives. But our concerns go beyond this, and below we’ve set out a brief summary of what they are and how, without compromising the quality you receive, we make these concerns count.

Acting Global

Acting Global

How we are tackling climate change and preserving our natural resources.

Thinking Local

Thinking Local

Acknowledging where we can help and support our local community.

Working Together

Working at Red Carnation

How our guests can contribute to helping us support the enviroment.