Acting Global

The threat posed by climate change and the need to preserve natural resources are perhaps the most important issues facing us today. At Red Carnation, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to confront these problems head-on, and have instituted a Green Team to investigate and implement the ways we can contribute to this global process.

These vary from such large-scale initiatives – such as a clear policy on recycling, installing solar panels to provide energy and dimmer switches to conserve it, and finding ways to reuse waste for flushing toilets and watering plants – to such apparently trivial responses as reusing scrap paper as notepaper. But we recognise that every little helps, and taken together, over all our hotels, we know these energy-saving methods can make a real and valuable difference.

We are also committed to building relationships with local suppliers to reduce the carbon emissions attributable to our operations. By the nature of our business many of our customers are long-distance travellers, and we encourage all our guests to make use of the carbon offset companies we have identified as offering a service with integrity:

Canada: Planetair
United States of America: Sustainable Travel
UK/Europe: Climate Care
Australasia: Climate Friendly
South Africa: Cleaner Climate

We also work closely with TreadRight, a not-for-profit foundation established by The Travel Corporation to encourage sustainable tourism within our own family of brands, and in the places we visit. To date, TreadRight has donated more than USD 2 million to sustainable tourism projects worldwide, and encourages industry best practice by annually supporting the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Tourism for Tomorrow awards. To learn more about the many projects TreadRight is funding please visit us at